• Supervisors (building principals and NTPE supervisors ) are manually added to their PA-ETEP portal by their district's portal manager
  • New teachers and non-teaching professionals (NTPEs) should register on their district’s PA-ETEP portal at
  • How to Register Video for teachers and NTPEs, click here.


  • Overview slide show of PAETEP for Teachers and NTPEs, click here
  • Formal Observations, click here
  • Walkthrough Observations, click here
  • Differentiated Observations, click here
  • Student Performance Measures, click here
  • IEP Goals Progress, click here
  • Principal Performance Goals, click here
  • NTPE Observations, click here
  • Anecdotal Notes, click here
  • 13 Rating Forms, click here
        Note - Within PA-ETEP, click on the help icons / Getting Started links for more information about a section or item.

  • Teachers - overview video tutorial, click here
  • NTPEs - overview video tutorial, click here
  • Supervisors - overview video tutorial, click here


  • Submit a support ticket to our help desk by clicking on the Support tab and New Support Ticket (see attached images)
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Staying current with PA-ETEP

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