Under Act 13 and starting the 2021-22 school year, LEAs may choose whether their teachers complete a traditional SLO or the new Student Performance Measure template.  To learn more visit, Getting Started with the Student Performance Measure.

SLOs are initiated by the teacher. 

When a teacher first starts an SLO, they are prompted to select the supervisor that will be responsible for reviewing and approving their SLO.

The SLO process has three main phases, including the completion and approval of the SLO, updates (as needed), and final submission.

Steps in the Process

  • Step 1 – Teacher creates a new SLO and selects the appropriate supervisor
  • Step 2 – Teacher completes the SLO (five sections)… and Submits
    • Section 1 – Classroom Context
    • Section 2 – Goal
    • Section 3 – Performance Measures
    • Section 4 – Performance Indicators
    • Section 5 – Teacher Expectations
  • Step 3 – Supervisor reviews, adds comments, and approves… and Submits
  • Step 4 – Once approved, teacher returns to the SLO at any time throughout the school year and enters updates… and Submits
  • Step 5 – As needed, supervisor reviews / adds comments… and Submits
  • Step 6 – When appropriate, teacher provides final update… and Submits for Finalization
  • Step 7 – Supervisor reviews, adds comments, and rates the SLO… and Submits

Learn and see more...

  • Slide Show of the SLO process for Teachers, click here.
  • Slide Show of the SLO process for Supervisors, click here.
  • Examples of SLOs on PDE's SAS portal, click here.

Please see the  attached PDF SLO Overview for Teachers and Supervisors