PA-ETEP utilizes a large degree of email communication to facilitate the various observation processes.  For example, PA-ETEP sends out a email notification each time a user (i.e., teacher, NTPE, and/or supervisor) completes and submits a step in a process.  In addition to email notifications, a copy of each email is placed in the receiving users Notification section inside of PA-ETEP.

If you are not getting emails from PA-ETEP, please consider the following:

1)  Did your school district email change?  Emails from PA-ETEP are sent to the registered email that is on file for your PA-ETEP account.  If your district email recently changed (change of name, etc.), then your registered email may need updated on PA-ETEP.  Please let us know by submitting a support ticket here.

2) Check your spam/junk folder to ensure that emails from are not being blocked

3) Check with your district's IT department to ensure that emails from are not being blocked by your district's spam filter.  Depending upon how your district's internal spam filters are configured, emails from our domain ( can be blocked.  Each district's IT department should confirm that our domain ( is whitelisted for email delivery.

For reference, our mail server IP addresses are listed below: