As you prepare for the new school year, we wanted to provide you with some quick tips that will help you hit the ground running this Fall.

  1. Change building assignments for teachers who will be moving to a different building in the Fall, but remember to keep them in their current building as well for completion of last year's 82 form
  2. Move retired employees to an Archive building in order to inactivate them (No need to remove their roles)
  3. Update newly married names/emails/usernames simply by clicking on Support and providing the details (NOTE: If you are a Comply user, you can easily update usernames, emails, and last names in Comply and it will automatically update it in PA-ETEP)
  4. Update Users’ Non-tenured status/role
  5. Update/create SLO and Teacher Specific Rating Calculator and Pre-sets for next school year
  6. Make any role assignment changes for individual users moving into a new position
  7. Have new teachers self-register on your portal
  8. Create accounts for any new supervisors (building principal or NTPE Supervisor)
  9. Review Dynamic Reports to see how many SLO's, Walkthroughs, Formals, Differentiated, NTPEs, Anecdotal Notes and 82 forms have been completed and/or are in progress and determine component areas of strength and growth across the district and/or within individual building (Dynamic Reports Solution Article).

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team for assistance. A link to our FAQ page with detailed instructions on the tasks above is provided below.

For a Refresher on PA-ETEP, listen to our latest Refersher Webinar: 

FAQ Solutions: