For security purposes , PA-ETEP must change the username for all users in PA-ETEP. District personnel with the District Admin role can change the display name and email, however, they must still contact PA-ETEP to change the username (email used to log in) and the Profile name. 

Please follow these steps for changing married names and usernames in PA-ETEP: 

  1. Change your name and email address at your school district first
  2. Contact PA-ETEP Support by clicking on the Support link at the top of your PA-ETEP portal page and then select Create New Ticket
  3. In the support ticket, provide current/old name, new name and new email address
  4. PA-ETEP support will make the change (typically by day's end) and notify the user, that the change has been made within 24 hours

NOTE: Passwords can only be changed by the user, by clicking on the Reset Password link on the portal. A reset link is sent to the user's email address on record. If the email address on record is not accurate, please click on Support and create a ticket and our representatives will guide you with further instructions.