If you are looking for a streamlined way to document evidence and/or provide component ratings, consider using PA-ETEP's Stand-Alone rubrics. Stand-Alone rubrics are exactly that, they are composed of only the rubric part of traditional observations whereby the teacher and/or principal can rate on all 22 components and add component specific comments where appropriate. Stand-Alone rubrics can be used with teachers and non-teaching professionals (NTPEs) like counselors, nurses, etc.

There are two types of Stand Alone rubrics.  

Teacher/Principal - The Teacher/Principal stand alone rubric is initiated by the building principal. The teacher and/or NTPE is then notified by email to complete the rubric and self-assess. Not only can teachers self-assess on all 22 components, but also they can add component specific comments and attachments where appropriate. Once completed, the teacher submits their self-rating to their building principal. The building principal then completes the process by providing ratings on each component and adding comments where desired. Once submitted by the building principal, the supervisor ratings flow to the 82 forms for easy reference (see screen grab below).

Principal Only - The Principal Only Stand-Alone rubric is initiated and completed solely by the building principal.  That is, the teacher is not required to self-assess.  When completing the Principal Only rubric, the building principal can rate on each of the 22 components and add comments and attachments where appropriate. Once completed and submitted by the building principal, the teacher can view the ratings and add comments if desired.

Important Notes

  • Stand-Alone rubrics can be used with teachers and non-teaching professional educators (NTPEs).  For example, if a supervisor initiates a Teacher/Principal Stand-Alone rubric for a school counselor, the language of the rubric will reflect the discipline of a Secondary or Elementary School Counselor.
  • Stand-Alone rubrics can be initiated for a teacher with the traditional teacher rubric or the online educator rubric.  To learn more about the Online Educator Rubric, read the support article called Online Educator Rubric.
  • Stand-Alone rubrics can be initiated and completed by building principals, NTPE supervisors, and school district administrative users.
  • Stand-Alone rubrics are not authenticated.  Once completed, they remain editable and flexible, allowing both the teacher and principal to return to the rubric and add additional comments/attachments as needed.
  • Component ratings provided by supervisors on Stand-Alone rubrics flow to the 13 forms for easy reference.

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