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How PA-ETEP is Helping Clients

NTPE Observations - The NTPE Observation process is initiated by the NTPE and not the supervisor of the NTPE.

SLOs - SLOs are initiated by the teacher and submitted to their supervisor for approval.

Differentiated Observations - For teachers in this cycle, principals/supervisors can initiate a Differentiated Observation for them now so they can get started with their action plan for the year. (Differentiated Observations are initiated by the principal/supervisor.)


Completing 82 Forms for the 2019-2020 School Year 

82 Forms and Electronic Signatures

The Dynamic Reports offered in the PA-ETEP software supply administrators/building principals with information to review and summarize data across the district or isolated to specific buildings. These reports are a great tool to utilize when wrapping up the year or planning for the future.