Once support staff accounts have been added (either through bulk onboarding, manually, or self-registration), new users need to be assigned to a building/group.  Building assignments may be completed in bulk and/or manually.

Important Note - Before assigning support staff to buildings, any new buildings/groupings need to be added to the portal. To add a new building, select the Administration menu item, then the Buildings tab. Add as many buildings/groupings as needed. For example, you might add buildings called... Supports Staff, Custodial/Maintenance, Food Service, Technology Department, etc.

Directions for Bulk Assigning Support Staff Users

From the Administration menu item, select the Assignments tab, then the Bulk Upload User Assignments button. Follow the onscreen directions.

  1. Download template
  2. Mark with an X the building to which the support staff users should be assigned.  Users may be assigned to more than one building, if desired.
  3. Do not edit or remove the column headers
  4. Save as CSV file
  5. Upload template    

Note - The downloaded template will include all users on your portal that do not have a building assignment.  If you do not wish to assign a user to a building, simply remove them from the spreadsheet before uploading.

Directions for Manually Assigning Support Staff to Buildings

From the Administration menu item, select the Assignments tab, then assign users to buildings as needed.

  1. To view only Support Staff or Support Staff Supervisors, change the Role filter
  2. To assign a user to a building...
    • Check the box next to user(s) name
    • For Action Type - select Assign to Selected Building
    • For Building - select the appropriate building
    • Click the green Update Buildings button
    • Repeat process as needed

Important Note - PA-ETEP allows clients to add their support staff to their portal so that all employees can be evaluated in one place. In order to evaluate support staff, clients must add the Custom Form Module to their portal (if not already included) and sign an amendment to purchase licenses for support staff employees. For more information about adding the Custom Form Module and/or support staff, contact our sales department at Contact Us. Click here to learn more about the Custom Form Module.