The following video tutorials are designed to help clients use the Custom Form Module of PA-ETEP to evaluate all their employees.  Listed below are three tutorials for supervisors and administrative users, including how to navigate the Custom Form Module, how to build a custom form, and how to complete a custom form on an employee.  The final video tutorial is designed to show employees or supervisees how to access and view evaluation forms that have been completed on them. 

How to Video Tutorials for Supervisors and Administrators


How to Video Tutorial for Employees

Important Notes - PA-ETEP allows clients to add their support staff to their portal so that all employees can be evaluated in one place. In order to evaluate support staff, clients must add the Custom Form Module to their portal (if not already included) AND sign an amendment to purchase licenses for support staff employees. For more information about adding the Custom Form Module and/or support staff, contact our sales department at Contact Us. Click here to learn more about the Custom Form Module.