When building a custom form, you have the option to include signatures. The signature question type can be used to facilitate physical and/or electronic signatures.  In addition, signatures can be requested from the employee, supervisor, and/or district administrator.  

How to build a custom form with electronic signatures

Step 1 - When building a custom form, simply drag and drop the Signature question type where desired on the custom form. 

Note - It is common practice to include a signature section at the end of the form.

Step 2 - Once the signature question type is included on the form, select the individual that will be prompted to sign the form.  Choose Employee, Supervisor, or Administrator.  Repeat as needed for other signatures.  See screen grab. 

Step 3 - Use the form.  When using and completing a custom form, signatures can be provided while the form is being completed or after it has been completed.  For example, if a supervisor is completing a custom form on an employee, the supervisor could include their signature while they are initially completing the form, OR the supervisor could complete the form and submit to the employee for review.  The employee could then view the form, sign the form if needed, and then notify the supervisor.  The supervisor could then return to the form and provide their signature.

Note - Once an electronic signature is provided on an 82 form or Custom Form, the electronic signature is saved in the system for future use.