Act 13 of 2020 revised the Act 82 Educator Effectiveness (EE) process used to evaluate professional employees in PK-12 education across the commonwealth. These revisions take effect for the 2021-22 school year and beyond.

As part of the Act 13 changes, a new template is available for teachers to complete. The new template is called Student Performance Measure (SPM) - LEA Selected Measure and is posted on PDE's Standards Aligned System for review. Overall, this template and process is designed to facilitate active participation in the evaluation process while... 1) Aligning an identified student challenge or need to related school-level objectives and/or LEA-level priorities, 2) Encouraging instructional innovation based on latest research and trends, 3) Improving educator practice.

Important Notes:

  • The SPM template has been built into PAETEP so that teachers can complete it electronically and submit to their supervisor for review.
  • The SPM can be used in place of the SLO. However, LEA's may elect to continue to use the SLO process rather than the new SPM template. It is a LEA decision.
  • Regardless of the LEA's choice to use the new SPM or SLO process, the final score earned by the teacher on the SPM or SLO will constitute at least 10% of a teacher's final summative score on the 82/13-1 form.

How to Complete an SPM within PAETEP

  1. Login to PAETEP
  2. Click on My Observations
  3. From the SLO/SPM section, click Create New and select SPM and the appropriate supervisor (see screen grab)
  4. Complete the Beginning of Year Action Plan and submit to your supervisor for review and approval (see screen grab)
  5. Once approved, return to the SPM to provide a Mid Year update and Year End update

Note - Help prompts and a reference to the SPM template are provided throughout the module.