Per Act 13 of 2020, the various frameworks for evaluation have been refreshed and revised.  These frameworks are posted on the Standards Aligned System - Educator Effectiveness website for review.  The refreshed frameworks include revised language, discussion prompts and evidence of practice.  Links to the refreshed frameworks are provided throughout PAETEP. 

Note - Due to copyright permissions the specific language of the frameworks is not embedded with the PAETEP rubric assessment tool.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that links, downloads or printed copies of the refreshed frameworks be shared with your educators so that they have them in-hand when they set goals, plan, teach, and reflect upon their practice.

Below is a list of how the refreshed frameworks are connected with the different user roles within PAETEP.

Act 13 Frameworks for Observation & PracticePAETEP User Role
Classroom TeacherTeacher
Principal (Leadership Framework)Building Principal
CTC Director
NTPE Supervisor - Special Education
NTPE Supervisor - Curriculum and Instruction
NTPE Supervisor - Vocational Education
NTPE Supervisor - Pupil Services
NTPE Supervisor - Other
NTP - Speech Language PathologistNTPE - Speech Language Pathologist
NTP - School PsychologistNTPE - School Psychologist
NTP - Social Worker - Home School VisitorNTPE - Social Worker
NTPE - Home School Visitor
NTP - School Health SpecialistNTPE - School Nurse
NTPE - Dental Hygienist
NTP - School Counselor PK-12NTPE - Elementary School Counselor
NTPE - Secondary School Counselor
NTP - Instructional Technology SpecialistNTPE - Instructional Technology Specialist
NTP - OtherNTPE - Other

Additional Rubrics Provided in PAETEPPAETEP User Role
Mental Health Treatment SpecialistsNTPE - Mental Health Treatment Specialist
Mental Health WorkerNTPE - Mental Health Worker
Training and Consultation (TaC) SpecialistNTPE - TAC
Online Educator
NTPE - Online Educator

Note Regarding PT/OT

According to PDE, Physical Therapist/Occupational Therapist (PT/OT) are licensed professionals that do not fall under Act 13.  However, an LEA may choose to evaluate a PT/OT under Act 13.  If added to PAETEP, these users should be given the NTPE PT/OT role and be evaluated with a 13-3 form.