According to Act 13, professional employees who are considered unsatisfactory shall be rated at least annually.  The first rating shall be calculated using the evaluation measures and weighting delineated in the rating tools as applicable to the employee (i.e., 13-1, 13-2, 13-3).  Interim evaluations are not mandated; however, any interim rating of a professional employee who received an unsatisfactory rating on the annual evaluation shall be comprised of 70% Observation and Practice and 30% LEA Selected Measures, applying practice models, domain weighting and local measures as evaluated using the interim rating tool.

For the Observation and Practice rating (70%), the LEA should apply the same domains, weightings, and professional practice models utilized during the prior annual evaluation.

For the LEA Selected Measures rating (30%), the LEA should use measure(s) appropriate to the type of professional employee and reflective of the role and responsibility of the professional employee. LEA Selected Measures may include locally developed school district rubrics, district designed measures and examinations, nationally recognized standardized tests, industry certification examinations, student projects pursuant to local requirements, and/or student portfolios pursuant to local requirements.

LEA Selected Measures Examples:

  • For Principals, Performance Goal benchmarks might serve as a locally developed rubric in their interim evaluation.
  • For Teachers, Student Performance Measure benchmarks might serve as a locally developed rubric in their interim evaluation. 
  • For School Counselors, student career readiness portfolios might serve in their interim evaluation. 

Completing a 13-4 Interim Rating From (Webinar Recording)