According to Act 13, a 13-2 Annual Rating form should be completed once per year on Professional Employees who are considered Principals, Assistant/Vice Principals, CTC Directors and Directors of Special Education.

Completing a 13-2 Annual Rating Form (Webinar Recording) 


  1. Log into PAETEP
  2. Locate the desired professional employee
  3. Create a New 13 Form (see screen screen grab below)
    • Select 13-2
    • Select school year 
  4. Complete the required fields (see screen screen grab below) 
    • Enter Rating Date
    • Select Building/School
    • Select Annual 
    • For Observation and Practice - Enter four domain ratings (Note - Click on and view available evidence via the green information icons next to each domain and next to the user's name.) AND adjust the domain factor weighted percentage as needed (Note - Under Act 13, factor weighting for each domain can be adjusted to be proportional to its significance. Factor percentages can be no less than 10% nor greater than 30%.) 
    • For Building Level Score - Select the appropriate option and enter the required data (Note - Building Level Scores are not available until the fall when PDE publishes the data.)
    • For Performance Goal(s) - Enter the appropriate score (Note - Click on the green information icon to view any completed measures, including a score from a PPG.  If a score is available, enter it into the space provided (0, 1, 2, 3).  If more than one measure will be used to inform this rating, click on the calculator icon and enter the measures, ratings and % significance.)
    • Select Professional Employee
    • Enter Period Ending Date
    • Select Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory
  5. Save, Sign and Submit the form

Note From PDE:

  • In fall 2022, the Department will make available Building Level Scores comprised of Assessment, Growth, Attendance Rate, and Graduation Rate for the 21/22 SY, where the measures are applicable to the building.