With PAETEP, LEAs can create an unlimited number of prefilled SPMs, IEPs, and/or PPGs Presets.    

For example, if a district wants all their special education teachers to complete a similar SPM.  The district can create and publish a preset called SPM - Special Education.  When special education teachers then start their SPM at the beginning of the school year, they are given the option to select and start the prefilled preset. Once started, the teacher can tweak/edit the content as needed. 

How to Create Presets

  1. School District Admin user logs into PAETEP.
  2. From the Administration tab, select Preset Management.
  3. On the Preset Management page, click Create New. See screen grab below.
  4. Name the preset and select the type of preset (SPM, IEP, or PPG). See screen grab below.
  5. When finished prefilling in the desired content, publish the preset. 
  6. Repeat steps as needed for additional presets.
  7. Once published, educators can start new SPMs / IEPs/ PPGs and choose from the available presets. See screen grab below.

Important Notes

  • Only School District Admin users can create SPM / IEP / PPG presets.
  • An unlimited number of presets can be created.
  • If no longer needed, presets can be unpublished.
  • Once started by an end user, individual SPMs / IEPs / PPGs can be duplicated.  For example, if a teacher is going to complete a similar SPM each school year, they can simply duplicate the SPM they used last year, make any changes and submit to their supervisor.  

Create New Preset

Name and Select Type of Preset

Starting a SMP / IEP / PPG Preset