What tools are available within PAETEP to collect evidence and evaluate support staff?

With PAETEP and the Custom Form plus Support Staff Module, clients can evaluate ALL employees in one place. By using the Custom Form Module, clients can build out all their district specific support staff evaluation forms. Depending upon the need, different forms can be created for different groups of support staff (i.e., Paraprofessionals, Administrative Assistants, Clerical Staff, Personal Care Aides, Food Service Employees, Maintenance Staff, Custodial Staff, Technology Technicians, Act 93, etc.).  

In addition to Custom Forms, clients can also use the Anecdotal Notes module of PAETEP with their support staff, giving the employee and supervisor another place to share and document evidence regarding someone's practice and work performance. 

To secure the Custom Form Module (if needed) AND sign an amendment to purchase user licenses for support staff, simply Contact Us.