This article is intended to provide additional guidance for District Administrators with the SchoolDistrict_Admin role in PA-ETEP when managing users and their roles.

Role management is important to ensuring PA-ETEP users have the appropriate access rights to the tools found within the system.

Basic Role Management 

There are 5 basic user roles in PA-ETEP:

  • Teacher
  • NTPE and 15 associated sub-roles
  • NTPE Supervisor - Used with NTPE Supervisors to allow the supervision of Teachers and non-supervisor NTPEs

  • Principal (Building_Principal) - can supervisor Teachers and NTPEs
  • District Administrator (SchoolDistrict_Admin) - can supervise Teachers, NTPEs, and Principals

Registered User and Subscriber - The system will always require that users have these two system roles, which are automatically assigned at user creation.  Do not remove these roles.

Each user must also be assigned to a building, except in the case of the District Admin who has access to supervise all buildings and users.

The Teacher role:
This is the most common role in the system.  Assign this role to allow Principals and District Admins to perform Formal Observations, 82-1 Ratings, Stand-alone Rubrics and other teacher specific supervision.

The NTPE role:
- This is one of two roles that must be assigned to any Non-teaching Professional Educator (NTPE) with the important exception of the Principal role.   Assign a user the NTPE role and 1 (one) respective sub-role, such as Home_Sch_Visitor, which is the Home School Visitor NTPE role.  The sub-role ensures the NTPE has access to the correct Rubric language for their discipline.  For more information about the NTPE module, click here.
NTPE Other role for non-supervisors is an NTPE sub-role that can be used when one of the specific NTPE sub-roles do not apply or when the teacher role is deemed inappropriate. To learn more click here.
NTPE Other Supervisor role can be used when one of the specific NTPE Supervisor roles (Supervisor of Special Education, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, Supervisor of Pupil Services, or Supervisor of Vocational Ed) do not apply. To learn more click here.

Important:  The ONLY roles that can be combined are the Teacher and NTPE (with 1 sub-role).  To avoid system issues, do not combine these roles with any other user roles.

The NTPE Supervisor role:

- Add the NTPE Supervisor role to NTPE supervisor roles to allow them to supervise (perform evaluations and enter evidence) for other non-supervisor NTPEs or Teachers

The Principal role:
- This role grants the user the permissions to supervise and perform observations for Teachers and NTPE users in their building.   Principals can be assigned to multiple buildings.  
- A District Administrator can supervise Principals with Walkthrough and Anecdotal records as a native feature of the system.  When the NTPE module is present, a full NTPE Observation can be performed for a principal and NTPE supervisors.

The District Administrator role:
- This role allows for the supervision of all users, account creation, building management, user assignments to buildings, and a variety of other administrative tasks.   The role should only be given to trusted users and should not be combined with other roles.  


PA-ETEP version 3 released with a new and improved registration system.  It is recommended that teachers and non-supervisor NTPE users utilize the registration system to create a new account.   PA-ETEP provides the following registration walkthrough video to help new users navigate the registration process: PA-ETEP User Registration Help Video

Other users must be created manually

Manual Creation of a New User

A new user can be created by the District Admin by visiting the User Accounts page under the Administration menu in the top-right corner of the screen after logging into the site as a District Administrator.

Click "Create User" in the top left-hand corner of the User Account manager.   Fill in all the fields, and select whether to notify the user of the account.

Authorize the Account once it has been created.  See the  green box  in the screenshot below:

Authorize Users, Edit Roles

Adding or Removing Roles from a User

When in the User Account manager, find your user and click the  blue box  as indicated in the screenshot above to edit a user's roles.

Using the guidelines described in this document, select the role you would like to add to the user from the dropdown located below the Security Roles heading.  Remember, only the Teacher and NTPE role (plus 1 sub role) can be combined, and do not remove the system roles (Registered User and Subscriber).

If you are updating an existing user to a NTPE that previously registered as a teacher, be sure to remove their teacher role.  If the user has past observations as a Teacher, leave the teacher role so the user can access their previous records.

For a video walkthrough of managing users, see the following video:  PA-ETEP Example of how to assign roles to users Video

Current PA-ETEP roles:

Basic Roles:

  • District Administrator - SchoolDistrict_Admin
  • Principal - Building_Principal
  • Teacher - Teacher
  • NTPE Supervisor - For Supervisor level NTPEs to supervise non-supervisor NTPEs (and teachers)

NTPE Sub-roles:

  • Dental Hygienist - Dental_Hygienist
  • Elementary School Counselor - Elem_Sch_Counselor
  • Home and School Visitor - Home_Sch_Visitor
  • Instructional Technology Specialist - Instr_Tech_Specialist
  • Secondary School Counselor - Sec_Sch_Counselor
  • School Nurse - Sch_Nurse
  • School Psychologist - Sch_Psychologist
  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • Physical Therapist / Occupational Therapist - Phys_Occ_Therapist 
  • Social Worker - Social_Worker
  • Behavior Specialist - Behavior_Spec
  • NTPE Other (non-supervisor)
  • Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction - Sup_Curr_Instruction (Option: NTPE Supervisor)
  • Supervisor of Pupil Services - Sup_Pupil_Services (Option: NTPE Supervisor)
  • Supervisor of Special Education - Sup_Spec_Education (Option: NTPE Supervisor)
  • Supervisor of Vocational Education - Sup_Voc_Education (Option: NTPE Supervisor)
  • NTPE Other Supervisor (Option: NTPE Supervisor)

Important - All users must be authorized and have the Registered User and Subscriber role in addition to having 1 basic role.