The Principal SLO module is available on all PA-ETEP portals.

The Principal SLO process is very similar to that of the Teacher SLO.

  • To start a new SLO, the principal should access their My Supervision link, locate their SLO section, and click Create New (see screen grab). The system will then prompt the principal to select the appropriate supervisor. Supervisors listed in the drop down include all School District Admin users and any other principal/NTPE supervisor that has the lead designation for that building.
  • Once created, the principal clicks Begin and responds to the eight questions as outlined on PDE's Principal SLO template (see screen grab).
  • Once satisfied with their responses, the principal submits their SLO to their supervisor for approval.
  • Once approved, the principal can return to their SLO and provide updates as needed throughout the school year. When a final update is submitted by the principal, the supervisor can then enter a final rating. Final ratings (Failing, Needs Improvement, Proficient, Distinguished) will then appear in Elective Rating section of the 82-2 form created for that school year.