The Custom Form Module is now available in PA-ETEP.  It can be added to any portal.  For more information and to inquire about pricing, click here.

To view a recorded webinar / basic training on Custom Forms, click here.

General Information

  • The Custom Form Module gives supervisors the ability to create an unlimited number of custom forms.
  • Forms can be created with an unlimited number of questions.  Question types include open text single line, open text paragraph, check box, drop down, multiple choice, rubric and/or calculation.
  • Forms can be used with supervisors, teachers, NTPEs, and other employees (e.g., support staff such as paraprofessionals, administrative assistants, custodians, maintenance, etc.).
  • Forms can be created by any supervisor user (i.e., school district admin, building principal and NTPE supervisor users).
  • Custom forms can include physical or electronic signatures.  Learn more about Custom Forms and Electronic Signatures

Custom Form Work Flow

  • Custom forms can be designed to be completed by a supervisor or an individual user.
    • Supervisor Form Type - Supervisor forms are forms designed for supervisors to complete on a supervisee.  Supervisory work flow forms can be look-for, drop-in, and/or other observational forms.
    • Individual Form Type - Individual forms are forms designed for end users to complete.  Forms built for individuals to complete are typically survey like where the individual completing the form is filling out a survey or self-assessment and submitting that information to a supervisor for their review.
  • Once a custom form is filled out, either by a supervisor or individual, the form is considered complete... once and done process.  
  • By default, forms are enabled to include a General Comments and Feedback section where participants of the form can add comments as appropriate.

Access to Custom Form Management Page

  • Supervisors can create, view, duplicate, archive, and delete custom forms via their Administration tab and the sub tab Custom Form Admin.
  • Once a form is created, saved and published, the form can be started and used by going to a specific users Custom Form section on their User Summary page.  

Building a New Custom Form

Step 1 - Access the Custom Form Admin page under their Administration tab

Step 2 - Click Create New

Step 3 - Enter a name for the form and a description

Step 4 - Select the appropriate work flow (either Supervisor Form or Individual Form) as described above.

Step 5 - General Comments are enabled by default.  Disable the General Comments and Feedback section if appropriate.

Step 6 - Setup the general information or contextual section of your form

  • From the tool panel on the right, grab and drop the Section item and rename the Section Title (example - General Information)
  • From the tool panel on the right, grab and drop the 2 Column Row item underneath your section title.  Then grab and drop two Contextual Information items, that is one into each of the two grey box column areas. In each Contextual Information item, rename the label (example - Teacher) and choose the appropriate option from the drop down menu. This information will automatically pre-fill when the form is initiated. Repeat this step if other contextual information is needed
  • Depending upon whether you want directions included on your form, next grab and drop the Label/Instructions item underneath your contextual information. Rename the label and enter directions as appropriate.

Step 7 - Setup and add questions

  • Add another section by grabbing and dropping the Section item.
  • Add a question. Choose from the various question types from the tool panel on the right.
  • Edit the question by entering the desired prompt and answer choices (when appropriate, depending upon the question type).
  • Add another question.  
  • You can add as many questions as you want.
  • You can duplicate questions as you go, especially if your questions follow a similar format.

Step 8 - Saving, Viewing and Publishing your form

  • Save your work frequently.
  • Click Preview to view your progress. 
  • Save the form as a Draft.
  • Publish the form for use when you are ready.

Starting a Custom Form for a User

  • To start or initiate a published custom form for a user (teacher, NTPE, etc.), go to Supervision Management, locate the desired user, click on their name, and from their User Summary page, access the Custom Form section.  
  • From the Custom Form section, click Create New.
  • Select from the available published forms.
  • Ensure that the supervisor's name and school year are correct, and click Start.
  • Note - Individual Form types can be started by teachers/NTPEs themselves.  They simply go to their My Observations page and from their User Summary page, access their Custom Form section.  From the Custom Form section, click Create New and select from the available published Individual Form types.