Dynamic reports supply robust information for administrators looking to review and summarize data across the district or individual buildings. To access the various reports available on PA-ETEP, click on the (Administration tab --> Reports tab --> and the specific report you would like to view. These reports can also be exported as a CSV File

Observation Summary Report

This report indicates how many SLOs, Walkthroughs, Formals, Differentiated, NTPEs, Anecdotals and 82 forms have been completed and are in progress.  The report includes data for teachers and non-supervising NTPEs. Keep in mind, if a teacher is assigned to multiple buildings, their observation tallies will be applied towards each of the buildings. 

Component Report

The Component Report list the individual component ratings by supervisors for all completed Differentiated and Formal Observations.  Via this report, supervisors can identify component areas of strength and growth across the district and within individual buildings.  In addition, the report lets administrators know who was evaluating, when the observation was completed, and what type of observation was completed. Average component ratings are available at the bottom of the report.

Growth & Strength Report

This report summarizes the areas of strength and growth as identified in the Observation Summary Form of each completed Formal Observation.  Areas of strength and growth are color coded with green and red, respectively, for easy viewing.  Strength and Growth totals are listed at the bottom of the report. 

TPES Report

The TPES report provides data for the purposes of completing the Teacher and Principal Evaluation Survey. Please note that this information is as accurate as the information reported on completed 82 forms. This data is reported with the following parameters:

  1. If multiple 82 forms were completed for an individual in the selected school year, the ratings of each are reported. The Rating Date column would typically indicate which 82 form rating is the most recent.
  2. Individual users with no completed 82 forms in the selected school year are included, but with empty data.
  3. If a user is assigned to multiple buildings, 82 form ratings from each building will be included if they were completed. However, if the user was not rated in an assigned building for the selected school year, an empty row will be included for that building & user combination.