PA-ETEP allows School District Admin users the ability to enter and save different scenarios for the weighted percentages for the teacher specific rating calculations on the 82-1 form. Once entered and saved, these presets can then support building principals and supervisors in remaining consistent across the district in terms of setting/using these weighted percentages for specific teachers. School District Admin users can access the Preset management tool via their Administration tab.  Once presets are created, principals/supervisors will select from a drop down on the 82-1 form (section 3- teacher specific rating calculator) the appropriate preset for the given teacher.  See example screen grabs for more information.

Click here to watch a video tutorial on Completing an 82-1 form using the Teacher Specific Rating Calculator section with Presets.

Attached are documents that can be used internally by a district to guide discussions on determining the weighted percentages for different teacher specific rating calculations.