Act 13 of 2020 was signed into law on March 27, 2020.  Act 13 revised the Act 82 Educator Effectiveness process used to evaluate professional employees in PK-12 education across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Effective the 2021-2022 school year, the revised rating system takes effect for classroom teachers, non-teaching professionals, and principals.


Act 13 Changes to PAETEP


Refreshed Frameworks – Under Act 13, the various frameworks for evaluation have been revised and refreshed. PAETEP now links teachers, administrators and non-teaching professionals to the revised and refreshed frameworks, discussion prompts and evidence of practice posted on PDE’s SAS Portal. Links to the refreshed frameworks are provided throughout PAETEP. An advantage to this new design is that if/when any of the language or prompts are updated/changed, PAETEP users will always have access to the most current/updated information. To learn more about the refreshed frameworks and how they connect to users within PAETEP, visit our support article called Educator Effectiveness Refreshed Frameworks.  

Note - Due to copyright permissions the specific language of the revised frameworks is not embedded with the PAETEP rubric assessment tool.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that links, downloads and/or printed copies of the refreshed frameworks be shared with your educators so that they have them in-hand as they set goals, plan, teach, and reflect upon their practice.  

Student Performance Measure (SPM) Template for Teachers – Under Act 13, PDE has created an optional Student Performance Measure (SPM) – LEA Selected Measure template.  This template has been built into PAETEP as an electronic process. Teachers can log into PAETEP and complete their SPM action plan and submit it directly to their supervisor for review and approval. Teachers can then return mid-year and end-of-year to provide updates.  To learn more about the SPM template within PAETEP, visit the support article called, Getting Started with Student Performance Measures - LEA Selected Measure.  

Note - According to Act 13, the new SPM process may be used in place of the SLO. However, if desired, districts may continue to use the SLO process. PAETEP clients who have the SLO module will also have access to the new SPM, therefore, giving them the option to use either the SPM or SLO with their teachers. Along with the SPM template, the IEP Goals Progress template is available for teachers. 


IEP Goals Progress (IEP) Template for Teachers - Under Act 13, PDE has created an optional IEP Goals Progress template. This template has been built into PAETEP as an electronic process. To learn more about this optional template visit the support article called Getting Started with IEP Goals Progress.

Principal Performance Goals (PPG) Template for Evaluators - Under Act 13, an optional evaluation template and process for Principals, Assistant Principals, CTC Directors and Supervisors of Special Education has been created.  This template has been built into PAETEP as an electronic process and is available to all clients.  To learn more about the PPG, visit the support article called Getting Started with Principal Performance Goals

13 Rating Forms – Under Act 13, 82 rating forms are now called 13 forms.  In addition to the name change, the weighted percentages for the various rating sections has also changed.  The 13-1, 13-2, 13-3, and 13-4 forms are all available within PAETEP, including both Semi Annual and Annual rating forms.  


On August 29, 2021, a webinar was provided to PAETEP clients to review the Act 13 changes to PAETEP.  View the recording here…

Act 13 Changes to PAETEP Webinar Recording