PDE has released Building Level Scores and Teacher Specific Data (% Proficient/Advanced) for the 2021-22 school year.  To access this data and finalize 13 Rating Forms, please see the information below.

Building Level Scores

Teacher Specific Data

  • Teacher Specific Data is now available and must be manually added to 13-1 Rating Forms.  For teachers that teach in a tested area, Teacher Specific Data includes the percentage of students that scored Proficient/Advanced on the state assessments.  
  • Due to the break in testing during the pandemic, PVAAS Scores or Growth Scores will not be available for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years, and therefore, should not be included on 13-1 Rating Forms.
  • View Teacher Specific Data (% Proficient/Advanced) via the PVAAS/PEERS system.
    • Log into PDE's PVAAS System
    • From the Reports menu, select “Teacher List by School - %P/A” listed under Teacher Reports. See attached screen grabs.
    • Accept the confidentiality agreement.
    • If you have access to multiple schools, select the appropriate school from the left filter panel.
    • Click the “Export to Excel” button on the right hand side.  Save your report.  
    • Use the exported Teacher Specific Data (% Proficient/Advanced) to finalize 13-1 forms for teachers that teach in a tested area. 

Completing 13 Rating Forms Tutorials

Completing a 13-1 Annual Form

Completing a 13-2 Annual Form

Completing a 13-3 Annual Form

Print and Sign All 13 Rating Forms

EDULINK is building a new PAETEP feature that will allow building principals and supervisors to bulk print all completed 13 Rating Forms.  In addition, a new feature will be available for Superintendents to sign all 13 forms in bulk.  Clients will be notified when these features are available this Fall.