PDE has released Building Level Scores and Teacher Specific Data (% Proficient/Advanced) for the 2022-23 school year.  To access this data and finalize 13 Rating Forms, please see the information below.

Building Level Scores

  • Building Level Scores can be manually added to 13 Rating Forms and/or added to your PAETEP portal by a School District Admin user.  
    • Note - If Building Level Scores are added to your portal, then they will auto-populate on newly created 13 Rating forms.  If 13 Forms were saved prior to adding the Building Level Scores to the portal, then saved forms must be individually edited to populate the Building Level Scores and for purposes of adding Teacher Specific Data as indicated below.  

Teacher Specific Data

  • Teacher Specific Data must be manually added to 13-1 Rating Forms.  For teachers that teach in a tested area, Teacher Specific Data includes the percentage of students that scored Proficient/Advanced on the state assessments.  
  • Due to the break in testing during the pandemic, PVAAS Scores or Growth Scores will not be available for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years, and therefore, should not be included on 13-1 Rating Forms.
  • View Teacher Specific Data (% Proficient/Advanced) via the PVAAS/PEERS system.
    • Log into PDE's PVAAS System
    • From the Reports menu, select “Teacher List by School - %P/A” listed under Teacher Reports. See attached screen grabs.
    • Accept the confidentiality agreement.
    • If you have access to multiple schools, select the appropriate school from the left filter panel.
    • Click the “Export to Excel” button on the right hand side.  Save your report.  
    • Use the exported Teacher Specific Data (% Proficient/Advanced) to finalize 13-1 forms for teachers that teach in a tested area. 

Completing 13 Rating Forms Tutorials

Completing a 13-1 Annual Form

Completing a 13-2 Annual Form

Completing a 13-3 Annual Form

Bulk Export, Print and Sign 13 Rating Forms 

  • PAETEP gives School District Admin users, Building Principals, and NTPE Supervisors the ability to bulk export and print completed 13 Rating Forms.  
  • PAETEP gives School District Admin users (i.e., Superintendents) the option to bulk sign completed 13 Rating Forms.
  • Learn more at  Bulk Export, Print, and Sign 13 Rating Forms