Overview of PAETEP

Step One - Setting up your district's PA-ETEP portal (view and print attached pdf document).

  • Portal URL
  • Safe listing paetep.com
  • Adding building principals
  • Adding buildings
  • Assign principals to buildings
  • Teacher Registration (click here)
  • Getting Started resources for Teachers and NTPEs (click here)
  • Getting Started resources for Supervisors (click here)

Step Two - Understanding and managing roles

  • Basic role management (click here)
  • NTPE Supervisor role (click here)
  • NTPE Other roles (click here)
  • Teachers with unique roles (click here)
  • Teacher or NTPE (click here)
  • Principals supervising assistant principals (click here)
  • NTPE Supervisors supervising other NTPE Supervisors (click here)
  • Nontenured role (click here)

Step Three - Mastering your portal

  • NTPE Module Overview (click here)
  • Principal Performance Goal (click here)
  • Adding Building Scores (click here)
  • Taking advantage of the PDE Educator Effectiveness Annual Report (click here)
  • Using the Dynamic Reports section (click here)

Step Four - Staying current with PA-ETEP

  • News and Updates (click here)


  • Submit a support ticket to our help desk by clicking on the Support tab and New Support Ticket
  • Email support@paetep.com